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produzione e vendita b2b bobine senza mandrino


Italcoreless is a company operating in the field of production and sale of manual and automatic stretch film using exclusively coreless winding technology (reels without cardboard core).

This technology is the result of numerous investments in research and development in the packaging sector and was created in response to the need to reduce production costs and at the same time the environmental impact of palletizing finished products.
The winders for the production of mandrelless reels were entirely designed and manufactured by our in-house technical department; they were then built and put into production by Italcoreless.

This process has resulted in a considerable advantage in terms of productivity: in fact, our winders are exclusively designed for the production of coreless stretch film reels, paying particular attention to limiting energy consumption.

Thanks to the economic savings on the purchase of machinery and on the maintenance of the winders, Italcoreless can put stretch film reels on the market at very convenient prices.

Advantages of coreless stretch film reels

  • No more prices per kg for cardboard and film: with Italcoreless you only buy what you use;
  • No middleman/dealer: the sale is made directly to the company (B2B);
  • No packaging boxes: we wrap the reels in packs of 6 using our own stretch film.
bobine senza anima di cartone


Our ideal customers are manufacturing companies that use manual or automatic stretch film for packaging their products.

Italcoreless performs a B2B sale, the perfect solution for customer companies as it allows an important reduction of costs that would otherwise have to include the fee of the intermediary or trusted reseller.

The pluses offered by the B2B supply service of Italcoreless stretch film reels are many: halved reel production times, reduction of the cardboard supply cost and of the CONAN tax, no cardboard to be disposed of on receipt of products and no production waste, optimized reel replacement times, less risk for your own personnel, significantly lower environmental impact, fast shipments throughout Italy. If you want to stop paying for cardboard per kg as if it were plastic, rely on the experience of Italcoreless.

Advantages of buying a product marketed with B2B online sales


  • Easy retrieval of product information and prices;
  • Quick orders at any time of day;
  • Standard products ready for delivery and with fast BRT shipping;
  • Real savings with consumption of 2 pallets/month of approx. € 7,000.00/year.


The manual or automatic coreless stretch film reels produced by Italcoreless comply with market standard sizes. The company offers its customers different solutions to meet the different needs of the reference markets: it is possible to choose between the length, thickness and width of the reel according to the features specified in the data sheet of each product. Italcoreless produces:

produzione e vendita b2b bobine senza mandrino


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