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The choice of a coreless manual stretch film should be made consistently with your packaging needs.
Italcoreless provides small Miniroll reels of coreless stretch film useful for protecting small goods so that they can be transported without damage in warehouses and during shipments.

The revolutionary aspect of Italcoreless hand-held stretch film is the absence of a cardboard core: this makes it an environmentally friendly product, economical and decidedly easier to use than traditional mandrel reels.
In fact, while buying it helps keep the planet clean of unnecessary waste, at the same time you are investing in cutting cardboard disposal costs.

What’s more, you get full use of the purchased weight, as the Miniroll coreless manual stretch film unwinds completely.


The absence of a mandrel makes the Italcoreless Miniroll reel much lighter and therefore less risky and more manageable for the operator. The presence of a special unwinding dispenser also makes it very quick to apply, making pallet wrapping quick and effective.

In addition to quality, our customers also appreciate the extreme convenience of Italcoreless mini manual stretch film reels.
The choice of producing them without the use of cardboard in fact allows us to keep costs low, cutting the expense of procuring the cardboard core.
Available in various thicknesses and colors, the small reels of manual stretch film without mandrels guarantee the same performance as reels with mandrels.
Perfectly unwinnable and usable down to the last meter, they are the choice of many powder coating companies, breweries and wineries.


Below you can find the features of Italcoreless Miniroll manual stretch film reels. You can choose a colored or transparent product for your packaging, as well as different lengths, widths and thicknesses. In this way you can request a manual stretch film suitable for your business needs.
The pallets are supplied already divided into packs of 6 reels, wrapped with our Italcoreless coreless film and not in cardboard boxes, so you can save even more money and immediately feel the benefits of our product quality.


  • Internal hole diameter: 50 mm
  • Reel width: 10 – 12.5 cm
  • Reel length: 150 – 160 – 170 – 180 m
  • Reels weight: 300 – 400 g
  • Thickness: 15 – 17 – 20 – 23 ym
  • Packaging: pack of 6 reels (wrapped without box)
  • Pallet: 200/400/600 reels
miniroll film trasparente bobine


You only buy what you use

Production waste are a waste of money, time and have a negative impact on the environment.

That is why we produce small reels of manual mandrelless stretch film:
our Minirolls are 100% usable, have no unwinding problems and guarantee you zero waste.

Ready for delivery

Italcoreless MiniRolls of manual stretch film are available from stock for prompt delivery.

Shipments are made throughout Italy by BRT courier. In this way you will always have the material you need to package your products safely and with an eye on savings.

Attention to the environment

In addition to the clear savings on the purchase of material, our customers can thus operate in an environmentally friendly way.
The absence of cardboard mandrels for stretch film reels means less pollution, starting with reduced deforestation and fewer transports for raw material procurement.


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