Reel Width 50 Cm – thickness 23 ym – Weight  1,6 kg


Discover the countless advantages of Italcoreless reality

  • Production and sales B2B reduce costs
  • Direct sales to users, no additional costs for middlemen and salespeople
  • Savings on production time and costs
  • You do not pay for cardboard cores because we do not buy them
  • Any cardboard core = NO cost for cardboard

  • No disposal costs for cardboard cores
  • About 250 kg less for pallet = lower transport costs
  • By eliminating the cardboard produced we reduce the CO2 emitted
  • reel weight control is immediate and quotation is certain
  • You will fully utilize the reels without producing waste
  • More respect for the environment

Our Products

Italcoreless, production and sale manual coreless stretch film reels,the same quality as conventional mandrel reels.
Each reel is usable to 100% of its length. Choose the product most in line with your packaging needs

Manual stretch film

Technical details:

  • Internal hole diameter: 50 mm
  • Reel width: 50 cm
  • Reel length: 160-170-180-190 mm
  • Reel weight: 1.5-1.6-1.7-1.8-1.9 kg
  • Thickness: 15-17-20-23 ym
  • Packaging: pack of 6 reels (wrapped without box)
  • Pallet: 54/192/288 reels

Automatic stretch film

bobine di film trasparente per uso automatico

Technical details:

  • Internal hole diameter: 50 mm
  • Reel width 50 cm
  • Reel length: 400-500-600 mm
  • Reel weight: 5 kg
  • Thickness: 15-17-20-23 ym
  • Packaging: (wrapped without box)
  • Pallet: 50/100 reels

Miniroll stretch film manual

Technical details:

  • Internal hole diameter: 50 mm
  • Reel width 10-12,5 cm
  • Reel length: 150-160-170-180 mm
  • Reel weight: 300-400 gr
  • Thickness: 15-17-20-23 ym
  • Packaging: (wrapped without box)
  • Pallet: 200/400/600 reels

Excell unwinding dispenser


Technical details:

Useful to safeguard the hands of operators engaged in pallet wrapping operations.

The Excel Dispenser guarantees three sizes to perfectly fit the different reels of Italcoreless manual stretch film.

Solid, light and easy to handle, it allows you to use the purchased plastic film at the optimal tension for packaging and up to the last available meter.

Stop paying for cardboard you don’t use!

Italcoreless is a company that manufactures and sells, hand stretch film reels without a cardboard core.
Without the mandrel, the price is really convenient, since it avoids paying for the cardboard tube.




Ready for Delivery

Buying coreless stretch film reels means saving money and making an ecological choice for your company.

In fact, by avoiding unnecessary waste in the production processes of companies dealing with packaging for storage or shipping, Italcoreless directly promotes the protection of the planet and the environment.




Fast shipping throughout Europe

As a direct producer, all standard Italcoreless products are available for immediate delivery.

The shipment of the manual coreless stretch film reels is made courier and allows our customers to always have the material available for the packaging of their products.

Contact us now to ask for every detail and place your order.


italcoreless capannone e spedizione bobine film trasparente

Convenience for all

Italcoreless manual stretch film reels reduce CO2 input to the planet and minimize waste disposal.
Convenience is assured for both you and the environment:


  • No cardboard tubes, no disposal costs
  • 250kg less cardboard or pallet for guaranteed savings
  • Guaranteed length and use down to the last centimeter
  • Lightweight and manageable product

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