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The Excel manual stretch film unwinder dispenser is the ideal tool for all companies that use Italcoreless mandrelless plastic film reels in their pallet wrapping operations.

This is because this product is specifically designed for self-gluing and stretch film reels without a cardboard core.
Thanks to its ergonomic features, the Excel Unwind Dispenser is able to minimize operator hand fatigue and maximize the comfort of handling manual stretch film reels, guaranteeing safety and extreme speed in palletizing operations.


The width of manual stretch film reels without a cardboard core generally comes in three standard sizes: 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm. The Excel Unwind Dispenser allows one tool to unwind all three types of reels. In fact, it is supplied together with two rings that allow it to be extended and make it the perfect extension for the application of plastic film.

In fact, to lengthen the Excel Dispenser Unwinder simply insert one or two rings inside its structure. The result is a handy and above all solid tool in all its different lengths. The 50 mm diameter also makes it perfectly adherent to the inner surface of the reels, allowing for easy and smooth unwinding.

Technical Specifications

The advantages of using the Excel Manual Stretch Film Unwinder Dispenser are many and will allow your pallet wrapping team to save valuable time, as well as drastically reducing the risk of injury associated with heavy core stretch film reels.
By relying on Italcoreless’ products, you will benefit from an economic advantage, prompt delivery and superior quality products. In particular, the Excel plastic film unwinding dispenser stands out for the following features:


  • Lightweight and easy to handle, it reduces personnel fatigue;
  • Its solid construction allows constant use for many years;
  • Protects hands from damage due to film rotation;
  • Swivel bush designed to make pallet wrapping easy;
  • Supplied with 2 rings to adjust the length of the dispenser to the length of the coreless film;
  • Easy to use, requires no special technical skills (QR code with instructions printed on product);
  • Hand stretch film reels not included.
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Operation without risk of interruptions

Choosing the Excel Manual Stretch Film Dispenser for your staff means providing them with a light, convenient, practical and simple tool to enjoy greater control over the tension of the elastic, self-gluing plastic film during its application.

This greatly reduces material wastage, since the film will be stretched at the right point to avoid breakage and at the same time minimise the length used per pallet.

The dispenser will therefore optimize the supply of Italcoreless plastic film reels. Each reel can be unwound and used up to the last meter, for total efficiency in the packaging department.

Once the reel is finished, there will be no waste and it can be quickly refilled. The latter is made possible by the Unwind Dispenser thanks to its easy opening (just one rotation of the central body) which makes reel replacement a matter of seconds.
The robust frame construction of the unwinder dispensers is also made of metal and impact-resistant plastic components.

This makes them particularly durable and usable on a daily basis by personnel engaged in packaging operations without fear of breakage.


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